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I'm not one of these guys who got their first camera at the age of 7 and knew since then they were going to be a photographer. Actually it took rather long till it really hit me. I was born in the 70ies, raised lakeside canton Zurich and accepted my destiny of starting my professional life with a bank. Mum was happy. After my apprenticeship I changed into marketing. I had no idea about that but I thought it would be cool. It was. It still is. That's 30 years ago. Since then I was browsing stock imagery, defining imagery, working with photographers and organizing and producing photo shoots. And then there was this one shooting where I took my photographer's camera trying to show him my idea of the picture. I completely failed. So I've decided to learn how to do it right, completed an eduction, practiced and now we're here...

My work consists basically of the two styles shown on this website: Portraits from classic to boudoir and business imagery from portrait and moods to infrastructure. But if you need a photographer for something different, please don't hesitate contacting me.

Timur Tekyeli Imagery Fotografie


Photo Schweiz 2020, juried exhibition with "Urban Pony"

Photo Schweiz 2021, juried exhibition with "Reach out"


48 times winner of 

Photo Awards Zurich, 2022 – Top 12

Publishings 2022

Angels International Magazine, Australia

Blue Frame Magazine, USA

Edith Magazine, Canada

Vigour Magazine, Canada

The Whitewall Magazine, Italy

Publishings 2023

The Whitewall Magazine, Italy

Untold Magazine, Greece

Malvie Magazine, France

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